Saturday, February 27, 2010

dogs and barns

Seemingly harmless oversights are usually MAJOR safety issues in a barn. Since when is it ok to have a loose dog running in the barn, especially through the indoor when other people are riding? Lucy did not appreciate this dog running rampant last night through the barn. She was especially peeved (and so was I) when the dog sniffed its way between her back feet to investigate something on the barn aisle floor. It almost got its face kicked in. I took the dog by the collar and went up to the owners and said "this dog WILL get kicked if this continues." Lucy had pinned her ears against her head and threatened with her left hind leg to kick, but thankfully didn't follow through.

The crappiest part of this is that I would feel horrible if my horse kicked a dog and injured it, but I really feel like I have made several good attempts to warn the owners. For a young thoroughbred, Lucy has been remarkably tolerant of this dog but I fear her patience is running out. I can't blame her!

On a positive note, I have been having some great rides. Here's a video from last night.

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