Monday, February 8, 2010

Living large on a small budget

What horse doesn't enjoy an apple or carrot? But really, buying fresh produce adds up quickly. Yesterday while at the grocery store that I always shop at, I stopped in at the produce department and asked if they had any produce that they were going to throw out because it was past its shelf life. They had a bunch of apples, and happily put seven apples (that looked perfectly fine to me) into a bag for me. Those apples would have cost about $5 if I had taken them off the shelf, and I got them all for under $1.

I used to work next to a grocery store and regularly saw the employees throwing away tonnes of food into the dumpsters out back that was too old to be sold in the stores. I always thought it was such a waste when there are people going hungry left and right. I know Lucy doesn't mind an apple that may have a bruise on it, or a bag of broken carrots.

Anyway, Lucy enjoyed a quiet night tonight. I had an exhausting day at work getting ready for a training we're having over the rest of the week, and she had a big day yesterday so I doubt she minded. She got a nice hot mash with some discount apples mixed in :) and a good brushing.


  1. That is great that they actually gave you the apples. I once asked for some produce for my bunnies and was turned down...not like buying the kale they love is killing me but I figured it was worth asking for! They told me that they were not allowed, but said the old produce did go to a pig farm so I was pleased, but that stinks to see the grocery near you dumping the food. Some nice piggies would love it, not to mention some hungry people too!


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