Friday, February 4, 2011

26 so far...don't be the 27th

I am keeping a running tab of the indoors and barns collapsing around the area. Between CT, MA, NH, and RI, I have counted 26 collapses. It breaks my heart to hear the stories; the horses must have been so frightened. There have been some equine deaths and both equine and human entrapments but miraculously from what I have heard, everyone escaped harm in most of the cases.

My husband and I were discussing this week if we needed to worry about the roof on our house. We have a one-level ranch built in 1961 that has wooden trusses supporting the roof and a 3:1 pitch. These stats are worrisome because wooden structures and 3:1 pitched roofs are what has been commonly collapsing. Lucky for us, our house is in full sun the entire day and the snow has been melting off of it at a good pace. Still I worry, and when I lay in bed at night I listen hard for any creaking sounds.

Has anyone had to remove snow off their roof in fear that it may be structurally unable to take the load?


  1. I've been hearing a lot of those reports. I'm glad Oz lives out. How scary :(

  2. Omg that's terrifying! I hope you and Lucy stay safe!


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