Thursday, February 3, 2011

pony torture

Lucy got her teeth floated this afternoon. Personally I have been putting off a dentist appointment for about two years now and I felt like a jerk being afraid of a human dentist when I was watching her get her grill filed down.

Her dentist, Dave Ribeiro of From the Horse's Mouth did a great job with her. She got a little bit upset when he was getting down to the nitty-gritty in the back of her mouth but he calmly stuck with it. Overall she behaved very well. She didn't need any sedation and only got a bit high-headed when she got worried. Dave removed two caps from her top front teeth. He said she's a bit behind schedule as far as her dental development goes but it's not anything to get worried about. He found some sharp points and some steps in her back molars but everything is smoothed out now and hopefully she'll be more comfortable.


  1. You made me laugh by getting Lucy's teeth done and putting off your own, because I just went through the exact same thing! I put mine off because of money, and then I asked myself if my horse needed dental work, would I do it? And of course the answer is yes, in a heartbeat, so I finally got my teeth taken care of. Good grief.

  2. Eeck..I know, it's awful to watch but I think it hurts us more than them. I always think of "Sixteen Candles" when I see that jaw crank in their their version of a teenage retainer! lol!


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