Thursday, February 10, 2011

out of service

I got my [rear end] handed to me this week by the cold of doom. I was rendered completely useless starting Sunday and going straight through yesterday. Even today I'm not feeling 100% but I came back to work because I was going nuts at home. That's when you know you've transitioned into the life of an office professional and the sit-around-and-get-fat-while-"studying" college lifestyle is completely out of your system. Sad :(

I think it took me so long to get over this cold because I still had to go out to the barn and take care of Lucy every day. I rough board so her stall and afternoon feeding are my responsibility. I wish I would have asked for help because no one offered any assistance with her stall, and as a result I was out there scooping poop while not really being able to breathe. One of my fellow boarders did offer to help me stack some hay that I had thrown down from the loft, which I really appreciated.

Cairo gets a gold star for this week, though. She is an 11 month old very active dog, yet she quietly and without protest laid on the couch with me and kept me company. I took her to the dog park yesterday because I felt badly for her, and at least at the dog park I can stand in one place while she gets maximum play time with her canine friends.

The horse got the shaft big time. I literally went to the barn, put her in the indoor to let her romp (it has been extremely cold and very icy here this week so turnout has been limited at best), heated some water for her dinner, did her stall, put her in her stall and fed her, gave her a carrot and a kiss, and peaced out. No brushing, no riding, nothing. :( Sorry horse. Her leaser is riding her today and I sent her an email forewarning her that I have done nothing with her all week so she may be even more lala than usual. Lucy you had better be good!

In non-horse-related news, I got to do a fun photoshoot on Monday. I was feeling pretty crappy but I had agreed to do it a while ago and didn't want to back out. My wedding photographer sometimes hosts workshops for other photographers and he has asked me to "model" for them a couple of times. It's a lot of fun and I am comfortable in front of the camera, and since I'm interested in photography I always pay attention to the class itself because I learn a lot! This workshop was on off-camera lighting, which I don't know a lot about, and it was very interesting stuff.

Here are a few of my favourite shots:

(c) Dawn Marie Temple of Bellaria Designs Photography

(c) Jaime Marland of Jaime Marland Photography

(c) Jaime Marland of Jaime Marland Photography

(c) Jaime Marland of Jaime Marland Photography

This workshop was extra fun because all of the attendees were women. We had a great time together and it's always exciting to meet more photographers in the area! When we were shooting outside, they were giving me hilarious prompts to get reactions out of me like, "oh look, here comes the smoking hot mailman!" James Hazelwood, my wedding photographer who hosted the workshop, was really fun to work with and put up with all of the chattering well ;)


  1. Great pics! and I hope you get well soon!!! :)

  2. Sorry you're under rhe weather. I hope you feel much better soon. The photos are beautiful.

  3. Thanks to you both! I am feeling a lot better today than I was yesterday


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