Thursday, February 17, 2011

yay :)

My ride last night was only the second time I've been on L in the past two weeks. A number of things happened to make it hard to ride:

1. I sold my Toulouse saddle and the matching stirrup leathers that I had been using with my new Stubben, which left me with no stirrups. I don't think Lucy is quite trustworthy enough for a solid no-stirrups ride.

2. Lucy got her teeth done and needed a few days off to recover from that.

3. I got the head cold from hell and couldn't breathe just sitting around, let alone while doing any physical activity.

This week I was finally feeling good enough to ride and I have been really pleased with Lucy thus far. Her leaser rode her after Lucy recovered from having her teeth done and reported that for the most part, L was really good.

Here is a video from last night's ride. She was really a witch to the left...she just hates going in that direction and according to the chiro it's not a misalignment issue. Going to the right, however, was quite nice. At times we were going what felt like 300 mph and careening around a bit, BUT she did some nice stretching that I was happy with. I am so out of shape from just two weeks of not riding that I was about as effective as a sack of potatoes, so ignore me floundering around up there.

And here are some screen caps:

The stretching at the canter was HUGE for her. She has never felt balanced or secure enough that she can stretch down and not balance her front end off of me. I was very proud of her.


  1. Wow. It seems like she's feeling a lot better. I just can't get used to the faces she makes!! lol

    But, typical thoroughbred, she seemed to relax and became a lot less snarky after cantering for a bit, even on her bad side...that's really when she started stretching down. She looked really good after a few times around! Love the canter work to the right, looking great!

    I don't generally agree with the practice, but have you tried skipping the trot altogether and warming her up at the canter until she relaxes? Also, I remember some of the young thoroughbreds I used to ride really responded to having their withers kneaded when they got fussy or quick. Seems quite a few jockeys use it as a sign that the race is over, lol.

    Just my random left-field thoughts for the day :)

  2. I don't know about her faces. I think she's really being difficult. I didn't have a stick on me last night or else I would have given her a smack on the shoulder. That usually puts her straight again and she cuts the bitchiness out. She is especially bad in one particular corner and there's no reason for it. At least she's (hopefully) moved past the buck like a bronco phase. That was obnoxious!!

    She loooooves cantering and I agree, she really settles down after being allowed to stretch out a bit. I am a big advocate for a proper warm-up especially in the cold weather and that more than anything else makes me worried about going straight into the canter. Also I find that if she is not made to be patient at the trot, she is very rushy at the canter. I don't know, maybe as the weather gets warmer and she chills out a bit more we can experiment. I will try the withers thing. She responds very positively to me stroking her inside shoulder/neck area, and also verbal praise. I was happy with last night's ride, though.

  3. I agree about the warm up thing, but have known horses to respond well to a few minutes of lunging and then going right to canter work when mounted. I don't necessarily agree, but I guess if it works for the horse, then so be it, lol.

    She is definitely looking better - and yes, not having a bronc is HUGE!

  4. She looks fantastic! Always nice when you have a good ride! And it seems all the more rewarding when you have such a good ride after having so much trouble :)

  5. I agree Summer, when they're naughty for such a long time you REALLY appreciate a good ride :)


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