Wednesday, February 23, 2011

omg, how could I forget: miceapalooza 2011

I opened one of my grain bins to get Lucy's dinner ready this evening and what greeted me but a little clan of mice all chowing down inside my locked bin.

How those little [beep]s got in there is beyond me, but there they were, stuffing their cheeks and peering up at me with their beady little eyes.

I got out my phone to take a photo. Sensing impending doom, mass panic errupted within the little mice society living in my grain bin, and half of them made giant lifesaving leaps out over the edge. The other half seemed worried but some kept nibbling. By the time I got my phone out and the camera app going, this is what I had left:

I'm not a totally awful person; I put that red bucket in there upside down to give them a last chance at getting out before calling for backup.

"Where is that blasted barn cat?" I murmured to myself. I called him in a sing-song voice and he came trotting over, expecting a treat (you can see the bag of cat treats I keep in the bin along with the's always good to have the management on my side and this cat owns the whole barn).

It did not take long for the cat to realize that dinner was inside the bin and he got to work.

I think mice are cute and all that jazz, but when there is an entire population sustaining itself on my horses grain and pooping simultaneously (as mice are known to do) into the grain that I will then scoop out and feed my horse, this angers me. Mice and barns go hand-in-paw this was ridiculous, especially since all of my grain bins have lids that I keep on at all times!


  1. I bet they have chewed a hole somewhere in that plastic container. I freakin hate mice they gross me out big time. I have a treat bucket in this closet down at Ella's paddock and it has a zillion chewed holes in it. I put it in another water bucket and the other day I went and grabbed it out and a bunch of mice went screaming and flying everywhere. So of course I screamed too. Maybe you could try a metal trash can? The cats at my barn sleep in the feed room so rest assured we rarely have mice in there! And when we do see's moments before their death ;)

  2. GROSS!!! I flippen hate mice mostly because they creep me out and they destroy everything! They are adorable but I don't want them anywhere near me. Our new farm had some that we had to evict. Not sure if I would have been able to handle it as calmly as you did though!


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