Thursday, November 12, 2009

First ride

My plan was to give Lucy a week or two off, but she has improved and perked up so much already that I don't want to give her too much time off to think of ways to get in to trouble! I decided today was a good day to get on her for the first time. I did ride her at her old barn before I bought her, but it was at night in the dark in a ring without a fence around it, and I was not able to really see how she goes. My barn has a humongous outdoor with a nice sturdy fence around it, and I felt perfectly safe letting her trot around in there.

She had a few baby moments but nothing that involved any crazy stunts. Her biggest issues are wanting to stop at the gate every time we go past it (she knows that's the way out!) and also she has a tough time going to the left for some reason. You'd think going to the left would be easier for her but she fought to put her head to the outside the entire time.

Other than that, she was very easy to ride. I thought calming thoughts the entire time because she got a bit quick sometimes, but she steered fairly well. Both Kenny and I rode her w/t. Total time under saddle today was about half an hour.

Here are two videos of the ride:

Me riding.

Kenny riding.

And here are some photos:

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