Monday, November 23, 2009

That's the spot!

This morning, Lucy saw the Dr. Katz, the wonderful chiropractor whom everyone in this area loves because he works magic on our horses!

He watched her walk and trot and settled on the fact that her right hip was all locked up and was lower than her left. Also, her spine was curved laterally to the right, which would explain her resistance to turning left. Her poll was out, her neck was out, her shoulders are very sore but he said that was most likely from her feet being in such terrible shape. She was sore through her SI joint and a lot of her odd behaviours made more sense as the her was going through and showing me all the trigger points she has. For instance, when I pick up her back feet to clean her hooves, she picks her head way up and kind of kicks out with the foot I'm picking up. I never thought she was trying to kick me-it's totally not like her to do something like that, but it seemed like she was either confused about what I wanted, or that she was uncomfortable. Since I know she was a track horse and I'm sure she had her feet cleaned daily, I was pretty sure she knew what I wanted, so that left pain as the only explanation. After the chiro had finished adjusting her he picked up both her back feet and she was so good about it and didn't kick out at all. The other odd thing that she has done is if she's laying down in her stall and goes to get up, she almost has to roll halfway over and then roll back up and use that momentum to get on her feet. Most horses can get up by going into a pseudo-sitting position and then get up with their back legs but with her pelvis so messed up, she could not "sit" like that.

She was so good about everything. Seriously, what a good horse. Dr. Katz said she was an "absolute pleasure" to work on. She stood quietly the whole time and licked and chewed when he was doing her head and neck.

So I hope she isn't too sore. I am going to go back to the barn after work and we'll go on a little walk, per the chiro's suggestion, but no riding tonight. She will get Sore No More applied to the SI area. Tomorrow I can get on her and do some nice stretchy w/t work. He'll be back in two weeks to do another evaluation and we'll see how she's doing from there.

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