Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Looking better and better each day

Lucy had her feet done this morning and I was there to hold her. She was a bit of a brat about standing still for him but she was very good seeing as it's the first time she's ever been hot shod, and some horses have major issues with all the smoke. She didn't even look worried.

I think she is looking much better already. She has a bit of mischievousness in her eye, but that's nothing abnormal for a three year old tb :D I like a horse with some spunk, anyway. Then she stood really nicely in cross ties while I pulled her mane. Then her whiskers got clipped and the end result was quite lovely! I am convinced that she is already putting on some weight. She's getting her grain, a complete supplement, and 2 tbsp of oil per feeding, along with free choice hay. She is feeling goooood, as you can tell from the photo above, which was taken right after her feet were done. She is going to stay barefoot behind for now but luckily he was able to get shoes on the fronts.

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