Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vet check!

The vet check went really well. They checked her eyes, mouth, ears, temp, legs, listened to her gut and heart, and flexed her and watched her trot out.

I also chose to do x-rays because the vet said that her sesamoid bones were more prominent than they should be. He did four views and discovered some very slight changes in her fetlocks (more unevenness of the surfaces of the outer bones than anything else), but he said he expected to find that in any ex-racehorse, and that she flexed/trotted out completely sound with no issues so he thought she has many years of good use in her. That was good enough for me; I'm not planning on eventing at the prelim level or anything so she will be perfectly sound and happy doing low hunters/jumpers and maybe some low level eventing if we get that far.

I am glad to have the x-rays because they are a good baseline for the future, so if she's ever off and I end up doing more x-rays, I have something to compare the new images to. The view he took are all digital and he's going to email them to me.

She was sooo adorable throughout the entire thing. The vet LOVED her. He was awesome and I hope he can be our "usual" vet. So hopefully she'll be coming home tomorrow :D

Here she is standing quietly for the x-rays:

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