Saturday, November 28, 2009

The race horse comes out to play

I headed out to the barn today with my brother and his girlfriend because they were visiting and they wanted to meet Lucy. Brenna thought she might even want to ride, which I thought was awesome.

Lucy had been cooped up because of the nasty storm that had come through during the latter half of the week, and she hadn't gotten much turnout. When I got her out of her paddock, she was polite but I could tell she had some excess energy. I decided I'd let her get her kicks out in the outdoor before riding because though she has yet to do anything bad under saddle, I didn't want to push my luck!

She got a nice thorough grooming and then I let her into the outdoor. Let's just say that I could totally picture her on the race track! She zoomed around for a good twenty minutes and was very much enjoying herself. Tail flagged and heels flying, she looked exuberant. The best part was that she made a point to run through the small puddles in the outdoor on her trips around the fence line, whereas most horses I know would avoid the water at all costs. Might I have that fearless water-loving event horse I've always dreamed of?

What made me so proud of her, though, was that after she was done being nutty, she came right over and let me clip on the leadrope, followed me quietly into the barn and stood like a statue on the crossties, and then w/t/c under saddle with no issues. Nice!!!!

Brenna opted not to get on because she was freezing her butt off, poor girl. I doubt seeing the horse running around like a maniac in the beginning of the visit made her feel very comfortable, too ;) Maybe another time!

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