Saturday, November 14, 2009

impromptu horse show

When I got home from the barn last night I had a FB message from one of the barn moms that they were having a mini show at the barn this morning, and would I like to participate? I was like sure, why not!

I was a bit worried because we are in the middle of quite a big rain storm and the horses were turned out for half a day yesterday and not at all today. I pulled Lucy out of her stall, quickly groomed and tacked her up, and got on without letting her get some energy out first. Before today, every time I have ridden her she's had at least 20 minutes to move freely in either the outdoor or the indoor, but there were people already riding in the indoor by the time I got to the barn so I couldn't do that. This was also her first time as far as I know being ridden in a ring with a bunch of horses. Five horses and riders participated in the "show" so basically I was asking her to behave without having been turned out or warmed up in an indoor with four other horses. That's quite a lot for a three year old TB brain to handle.

There were four classes: equitation, pleasure, hunter under saddle, and a dressage test. Keep in mind this was all in good fun. Our "pleasure" class was not exactly pleasurable, BUT I did feel confident enough in her to let her canter with everyone else and she did great!!! Everyone was so shocked at how well she behaved. It's really asking a lot of her to be ridden with a bunch of other horses going past her but also asking at the same time that she stays slow and steady. She's been taught her entire racing career to run fast and win, and here I'm telling her to let the other horses pass her and not get upset. She was such a good girl.

We called it a day after those classes because we ended on a really positive note, and she was getting quite strong. She got a nice grooming, a bit of massage, and lots of cookies. Once she was all cooled out she got a lot of nice fresh hay and some snuggles, and then I had to head out.

My parents are driving down tomorrow to meet Lucy. They are bringing my dog and I think a few of my friends want to come over and meet her, too. I am really excited to show her off. I think everyone will love her. Maybe we will take her for a walk around the field that's down the street. My mum actually asked to come and meet her...she said (and I quote!) "I really want to meet my new grandpony!" LOL!!

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