Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My first horse

After 23 years of asking for a pony for Christmas, I finally went out and bought one for myself.

Pending a clean vet check, she will be coming home this weekend. She is a 3 y.o. TB who raced at Suffolk Downs this past year. She had 5 starts and then her trainer realised she just wasn't enjoying her job. She was sold to a family who did a great job with her w/t but then decided she was just a bit too big for their daugher. I am so excited about this mare. She is totally green (turning? what's that?) but she has a great mind and she is very sweet.

I will really miss working with my lease horse Caesar, whom I've been riding for the past four years, but this was the right thing for me to do and I am on cloud nine to finally have my own horse.

I actually met this horse about a month ago when I photographed another horse at her barn. Her owners asked me to take some shots and she happily trotted around for the camera.

I haven't settled on a name for her. I'm going between India, Mystic, and Java.

She had only been off the track a few weeks so she's looking a bit scraggly. During the vet check I'm going to see what the vet thinks would be the best course of action to get her safely up to the weight she needs to be.

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  1. I had to giggle at "I haven't settled on a name for her. I'm going between India, Mystic, and Java."

    Hrm.. Which one to choose? Ok.. Lucy it is!


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