Wednesday, November 25, 2009

We now have an engine!

I was excited to get home from work and ride last night to see how much of a difference the session with Dr. Katz had made. I got her out of her stall and tacked up, with a quarter sheet to keep her hips warm. She was raring to go! Not nutty, but just excited to be doing something, since she has had a really easy week. I let her stretch at the walk and we did some circles and figure 8's. I could feel the difference in the way she was going right away. She was really swinging freely through her hips, and turning to the left was smooth like butta. I didn't ask anything out of her collection-wise; the goal was to let her stretch. Dr. Katz had said to take it easy for first few rides so that we didn't undo a lot of the good work he had accomplished.

I rode for just over fifteen minutes, and we did a lot of trotting in circles. She got quick a few times, but the doors on the short sides of the indoor were open and I suspect she was getting a little spooked. I think her "spook" is hilarious: she simply gets a little faster for maybe four strides, then slows down and forgets about what happened. I can handle that!

After she was cooled out, I applied some Sore No More liniment gel to her SI joint area.

She also got some bell boots because I have noticed a lot of little cuts just above her front heels. I'm not sure what she's banging herself on; the cuts don't look like damage from her back feet, but hopefully the boots will prevent them from now on.

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