Monday, November 9, 2009

She's home!

On Sunday at around noon the new horse got on the trailer and a short time later, arrived at the new barn. I am thrilled with her.

Her name is going to be Lucy. I had narrowed it down to Mystic, Lucy, or Zoe but as soon as she walked off that trailer in her adorable purple plaid halter I said, you are totally a Lucy, so that settled it! I love it. If you watch the video you will hear Kenny say "Lucy is not an option" as we are discussing names haha. Poor guy! I told him he can pick her show name and that seemed to make him happy.

I had her weighed by RI Horse Weighing and she came in at 1020 lbs, which was more than we all thought she was going to weigh by the looks of her, but she has quite a big frame and I think she will really fill out.

Her feet are in terrible shape and she is unsurprisingly very very sore. She is going to be trimmed and evaluated tomorrow by the farrier. I hope that he can even put shoes on her...the other front foot is much worse, as the little pieces have broken off and taken some hoof wall with them. I don't even know if there is enough there to nail a shoe to.

Here is the video.

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