Sunday, February 27, 2011

a jaunt in the field

Boy, oh boy.

Yesterday was my 25th birthday and I dragged Kenny to the barn with me to take some photos. I decided to switch it up a bit and ride Lucy in the field.

She was mega-fresh. I kind of expected that, but I had hoped the birthday gods would shine down on me and magically make the pony behave for just one ride.

Hahahahahahah, I know, I know. Crazy!

So she was kind of an idiot from start to finish, but I persevered and eventually got a couple of really nice canters from her, which I was VERY happy with because historically she has had a hard time keeping her brain in her head when cantering in a wide-open space.

When you have a young, athletic, opinionated horse, you learn to look hard for positives lol. So those canters were the highlight of the ride for me and she got lots of praise.

Here are some photos:


so sassy

aww acting like a big girl

I love this photo, this field is so beautiful.

And a really cute shot of my husband and I from Friday night:

It's his birthday today! So it has been a very fun birthday weekend for both of us.


  1. So, my favorite picture EASY CHOICE is the first one. The black and white. It is absolutely stunning - of both of you. I mean, you could blow it up and put it on a wall and stare at it forever! I also love the pink polos and wild pad. Very cute picture of you and Kenny, too.

  2. Happy Birthday!! I had to come on over to say that I love your saddle blanket and pink polos!

  3. Gorgeous photos! Happy birthday to both of you.

    PS I think you are probably the most adorable couple on the internet.

  4. Happy belated :)

    She may be fresh as hell, but you two always look stunning together. Love your smile :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Kenny is really talented with the camera and I appreciated him coming out and trudging through the snow to take photos for me so much :)

  6. Happy Birthday to both of you! My son turned 22 on the 27th...a busy birthday weekend all around! Great photos, so crisp and the colorful polo and pad contrast is super.


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