Saturday, July 16, 2011

after an hour of work, the results were positive

Not bad, huh?!


  1. That is terrific! It looks like she's done it everyday. She is such a smart girl! Great Job Lucy! (you too Kate) Lets hope there are no more meltdowns.

  2. Yay! Great job, you two.
    Terry at Moondance (sign-in problems again!)

  3. Awesome! Yay for Kate and Lucy!

  4. Thanks everyone! :) Yes I am so pleased with her. I refused to fight with her or muscle her around so it was really a lot of ground work, sending her away, making her move her feet, etc. At one point, she was being really obstinate and refused to complete one circle to the right on the lunge, and I didn't even care where she was going as long as she was moving, so she did roll backs every three strides lol. Finally she was like, I'm DYING! Can I please just do a whole circle?! so then she did a whole circle. ;)

  5. Congrats Kate and Lucy! I bet it feels awesome.

    Trailer loading is my next goal with Grayson. I moved him yesterday and it took us over an hour to load him but we did it the correct way so it was his decision in the end. And you're right, muscling them around doesn't really do much except frustrate the handler.

    You've motivated me!!


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