Sunday, July 10, 2011

an excellent ride

Since the Pelham that I tried on her turned out to be a massive flop (she was heavier in that than the snaffle!), I bought a Kimberwicke for her. It's a solid mouthpiece with the teeniest of tiny ports and I got it because though she's been behaving herself under saddle, she has been unbelievably strong and is not listening to half halts or my seat or anything. She just wants to run the whole time. Yes, we've done transitions, serpentines, and lots of changes of direction, and still she wants to hang on my hands. I hope to ride her in it for a month or so and then try to go back to the snaffle. I like how she went in the Kimberwicke, though. I was able to be much softer with my hands and when I asked for a half halt, I actually got one. She also is not keen on trying any nonsense with it, yay :D

I used to alternate between a Kimberwicke and a snaffle with my old lease pony, and it worked really well for him. Obviously if we go back to the snaffle and she continues being light and adjustable, I will keep her in it, but I like the idea of doing a little tune-up here and there without getting my arms yanked out of their sockets.

Today was our first ride with the new bit and I was really pleased with her.


  1. i have a similar issue - my boy is happy to leeeeaaaaannnnn until I feel like he's taking a nap and making me hold his head upright!

    I might give your idea a try and see if he responds. Thanks!

    Lucy looks in such beautiful condition - i'm also in the livejournal equestrian group and remember the pics you posted of how she looked when you first got her. She looks amazing now!

  2. Glad you found something that works for you. Some horses just like different bits.


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