Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tack room tour

I mentioned that Claire and I got our very own space at the new barn where we can keep our grain, tack, and other supplies. We have a combination lock on the door and when we're not there, the tack room is closed and locked. Here's a quick look at our tack room:

This is a view of the two exits from the barn. To the left is the main aisle, and
to the right you can see our tack room door, with my hay across the aisle from
the door.

All of the stuff in this corner of the room belongs to someone else but it
hasn't been removed yet. We don't really mind; we have plenty of space.

Saddles and grain are stored along this side of the tack room.

Bridles, supplements, first aid supplies, and stall cleaning tools are stored
along this wall.


  1. Wow, that is so nice! You're so lucky! I have a ton of stuff that I take to the barn I board at and each of us get two saddle racks, two bridle racks, and a space for a tack trunk. Definitely wish I had more room. Jealous :)

  2. It really looks like a nice barn! It's nice that you can keep your "stuff" locked too. It's weird how if you don't lock it, it just magically "walks" away.

  3. TBA, I just hope we don't have to move to a space/barn where we have less space because we are very much being spoiled with this layout! It's so easy to expand into a bigger space, but not easy at all to configure all of those things into a tight space. At my old barn, we had about the same amount of space but in two different areas: the tack room, where I kept my tack and trunk; and the rough boarders area, where I kept my grain and hay. The boarders area was out in the open and we had some issues with hay and grain growing legs and walking away.

  4. Such an awesome tack room! Mine is white and bricked so it shows a lot of dirt :l I still love it though! :D


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