Friday, July 22, 2011

drumroll, please! (pro pics)

I present to you the pro pictures!

Photographer: Dawn Marie Temple/Bellaria Designs
Make-up and Hair: Jennifer Syverson

I'm just proud of my leg here...

I'm sad that I'm slouching, but I am smiling! and
not falling off! so that has to count for


she is so pretty. how did I end up with such a good
looking horse?

"thank you for not tossing me, Lu. ps: nice dapples."

I love this one!

awww Lulu

Lauren was working her magic with the crinkly
candy wrappers!

this was kind of an accidental shot --
she was being quite rude at this moment but
we somehow managed to still both look somewhat
decent and photogenic.

sticking her tongue out...what a cheeky mare :)

she was being so good and so patient

perfect lighting really does do wonders for an image!

she had her nose buried in my neck, so cute

hanging out in the grass in a long dress and
cowgirl boots...what, that's not how you spend
your afternoons, too? ;)

back to the barn after a job well done!


  1. Really pretty! I especially like the one you captioned "Awww Lulu".

  2. So pretty! The photographer did a great job of getting the lighting right.

  3. Cute! Those are so pretty :)

  4. Oh my they are all beautiful!! I LOVE the third one! and ten and eleven and thirteen! ;)

  5. Love the pics - you and Lucy look so happy! Glad the shoot was a success :)

  6. W O W ! They are all beautiful!! I kept thinking- "Oh THAT'S my favorite!" And then I'd say that with the next one . . . and the next one . . . and the next . . .
    You are both gorgeous!!

  7. Just lovely!
    Terry at Moondance

  8. Gorgeous pictures! The lighting is fantastic and makes the lovely subjects even more beautiful! :)


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