Sunday, July 17, 2011

A review of Gallop shampoo: C+ x 13

Let me explain: The Gallop Shampoo for Bays that I tried for Lucy, hoping to counteract some of the sunbleaching, gets 13 C+'s, one for each dollar I spent on it. I can't say I see any difference in her colour, BUT her coat does look very shiny and it is very soft, so all is not lost. However, she also looks that shiny and feels that soft with the Cowboy Magic Rosewater shampoo that I usually use, and that's $8 a bottle.



The photoshoot is at 6:30 tonight so I came home to shower and a makeup/hair artist is coming to work her magic, and then we are off to the barn! How fun :)


  1. hmmmm I can't really see much difference either, maybe it takes a day or two? It really doesn't matter, she's gorgious anyway.

  2. My horse bleached badly last summer. I tried the bay shampoo too, but it didn't make a difference even after multiple washes. My horse looked ghastly. Lucy looks lovely.

    I'm trying to post a link to my 'bleached coat' post, but my stupid iPhone won't let me paste it. :(

  3. Ok, on my PC now. Here's the link to my bleached post:

  4. WOW Lisa, your horse got really REALLY sunbleached! That's amazing to see the new coat growing through so much darker. Wow.

  5. I hear you on the sunbleaching...I may try one of those supplements next year with paprika. SmartPak has one called Smart Dark and Handsome I believe:) Lucy looks gorgeous and so calm and happy!

  6. I used the gallop shampoo on my liver chestnut and I did see a difference after his second bath with it. The hair was noticeably darker and super soft and shiny. As Sarah mentioned, SmartPak does have a supplement called Smart Dark and Handsome that I started Cruizer on this year to combat sunbleaching. He has not really faded at all (combination of healthy haircare sunscreen, smart dark & handsome, and gallop shampoo as well as being turned out at night and in during the day). He's still not as dark as he is during the winter months, but he's much less orange than he got last year. The gallop shampoo seems to be hit or miss though, and it sucks that its so expensive.


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