Monday, July 18, 2011

what a good mare

Sorry in advance, because I am going to spend this entire post gushing about Lucy. She was stellar yesterday. I mean, I honestly could not have asked her to be any better for the photoshoot.

I hadn't ridden her for two days but I was feeling really brave so to begin, we did some riding a field. My lovely horse walked, trotted, and cantered like a lady and I sat up straight and beamed. My smile for the camera was not a fake prompted response; it was the real thing! I was so happy with her!

After the riding photos, I had a wardrobe change and we made our way out to a lovely big field with tall grass. Well, I thought it was grass, but it turned out to be lots of spiky twigs and sticks. It was very thick in some places and of course I was wearing a dress! My friend helped me stomp a lot of it down as Lucy stood there and ate the tips of all the plants. She is too funny.

Lucy continued to be ultra cooperative and I absolutely adore her for that. She pricked her ears for the camera, tolerated me setting her up and then leaning on her/posing next to her/putting my face up against hers. Normally she's not really a snuggly horse, but she was so sweet yesterday and she didn't mind me in her bubble.

When I am able to, I will share some of the photos :)


  1. Gush away! I'm so happy she was so fabulous for you!

    Can't wait to see the pictures.

  2. Good girl, Lucy!

    I can't wait to see the pics too!

    Terry Moondance

  3. Looking forward to the pics!

  4. Oooh cant wait to see the pics and how awesome is Lucy!! She's a photogenic girl, like her P's :)


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