Friday, July 15, 2011

gearing up for a packed weekend

It's Friday, my favourite day of the week! This weekend promises to be exciting and productive.

Tomorrow morning I am borrowing Kenny's truck and hooking it up to Claire's trailer and then Lucy and I are going to work on trailer loading. I have a game plan in mind that boils down to "no rest unless your feet are on the trailer". I think she'll get the hang of things quickly, she's a smart horse. I would eventually like to get her self-loading onto the trailer but that will take some more time.

On Sunday we are having a little photoshoot! I was approached by a local photographer to do a shoot for a local magazine cover submission, which of course is very exciting. The vision she has for the shoot is kind of a relaxed, bohemian lifestyle that showcases the relationship between horse and human. There will probably be no riding photos, only ones of Lucy and I walking together, but honestly that's fine with me because I would have needed to Ace her again if I were going to ride with no helmet. The photographer is wildly talented; last month my husband and I had a little photoshoot in Providence with her and the photos came out so nicely, so I am really excited to see the results from Sunday's shoot.

Copyright all images to Dawn Marie Temple/Bellaria Designs.

I did some research this week on colour-enhancing horsey shampoos, and picked up some Gallop shampoo for bay horses yesterday at Dover. I hope it was $13 for a small bottle! SHEESH! She's gotten fairly bleached out in the past month because of how hot it has been, and also her new paddock doesn't have any shady areas in it. Has anyone tried it before?


  1. Beautiful pictures!

    I need to work on trailering with my monster as well. After our accident a few years back I am more terrified of the trailer than he is! Last time I loaded him I gave him a dose of tryptophan and that mellowed him out but I'd like to not have to rely on that every time!
    Good luck!

  2. Ugh could you really make me that much more jealous of your gorgeous pictures of you and your horse? ;-)

    I'm sure Lucy isn't that sun bleached, but for what it's worth I have some eventing friends whose horses live outside 24/7. They end up dying their bay horse's tails black again before events and it does make them look much sharper and less faded out.

    Please share what you think about that Gallop shampoo, I've see ads for it but never tried it. I'm curious though!

  3. That sounds really fun! (the photo shoot) Like you said, Lucy is a smart girl, I bet she hops in the trailer nicely in no time. I love that first picture of you both, very well done!

  4. I've always thought Lucy is one good looking horse, and now I see her humans are gorgeous! Is it something in the water where you live? If so, please ship me a gallon.
    Terry Moondance


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