Monday, July 11, 2011

look what I did!

I grew a carrot!

Isn't it cute?!

Kenny and I started a vegetable garden this year. I am not known for my green thumb. I water the plants, I send them my love, and they usually die anyway...but our little garden is absolutely thriving! The tomatoes are turning out to be monsters, the potato plants are super tall already, and Kenny's picked three huge peppers off his jalapeno plant that apparently were delicious.

This was the first carrot I've picked. It was smaller than I expected, but then again I am a total noob at this gardening thing so I had no idea how long it takes to grow a carrot. All I knew was that the green part of the plant looked pretty big to me, and since I planted about 50 carrots, I figured I could dig one up just to see how it was "cooking" ;)

Even though it was a tiny carrot (probably 3" long), I still took it to the barn today for Lu. She ate it and didn't make any faces so I'm assuming it tasted ok, but she'll have to munch on grocery store produce for a few more weeks until the rest of the carrots are ready!

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