Monday, August 15, 2011

adding a photo to your OTTB's online pedigree

For my OTTB friends: Did you know that you can change the information on your TB's pedigree on I have always wondered how some horses get photos up on their online pedigree and it turns out that the answer is very simple: because someone put it there!

If you have a Photobucket or Picasa account it's so easy to add a photo to your horses profile. Once you're on their page (see Lucy's pedigree for an example), hover your mouse over Maintenance at the top of the page in the light yellow horizontal bar. Select "Edit Information" in the drop-down menu. It will bring you to a screen where you can change owner information, and add a photo by hotlinking it from your Photobucket or Picasa account (or any other photo hosting account you may have). If you're successful, when you return to your horse's main page, they'll have a little photo icon next to their name. You can hover your mouse over it and the photo you uploaded will pop up:

Pretty cool!


  1. Thanks for posting! That is great to know you can change the owner info and/or add a photo. Now to find pics of my 2 OTTB babies...

  2. Swwet! I will have to add Archies pic to his :)


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