Sunday, August 14, 2011

Lucy jumps!

Lauren had a fabulous schooling session with Lucy this morning. I just love watching her ride! Here are some photos:

I put Cairo in the car while Lauren rode and Cairo was not impressed. It was
quite cool out today and it wasn't raining so she was fine in the car, albeit

having the ground pole one stride out really helped her to think about the jump
and not just rocket off toward it.

she got really excited going toward the jump and was doing fancy dressage
moves all the way down the long side ;)


  1. Greetings folks from the Amish community of Lebanon county. Richard from Amish Stories.

  2. Man, I say it allll the time but I have to say it again! Lu is goooorgeous..

  3. It's so fun to watch a horse having fun. She truly seems happy.

  4. So, do you think the bucking thing has been cured with her ulcers? She seems so much happier. She also clearly loves jumping!

  5. I think it was a combinaton of a few things. The ulcers were the biggest issue, but she also got 1/2 the turnout at the old barn, and she wasn't on grass. Her paddock is big enough now that she can have a nice run around if she so desires, whereas her old turnout paddock was barely big enough for 3 canter strides. On top of all of that, I've noticed a dramatic difference in her overall attitude since starting her on SmartPak's SmartMare Balance supplement.

  6. Lucy is looking really good. I like her form over fences.

  7. I just started my mare on SmartMare by Smart Pak (began it last Friday). I used to have her on SmartCalm - but the SmartMare sounded like a better fit.

    How long have you had Lucy on it? How long before you saw a difference?

    I am having bucking, kicking out, rearing issues since Riva is now sound. When she is behaving, she looks and feels great. But she has random explosions...

    She has good turnout - out with 3 other mares - large grassy pasutre. She turned 4 this May.

  8. Hi Kelly, SmartCalm Ultra did nothing for Lucy, and I gave it a solid 6 month try. I noticed a difference in her attitude when in heat within two heat cycles, and I noticed a difference in her general demeanour within a few weeks.

    I've had her on it for maybe 6 months or so? I am not positive on that, but I switched her over probably around March.

    Riva just sounds like a fresh, opinionated youngster with hormones :) I went through bucking, kicking out, and rearing with Lucy this Spring. The rearing was the only vice that was a quick fix because I whacked her right on top of the head with a stick when she popped up. The bucking/kicking out nonsense took a bit longer to deal with, but when in doubt, fix it with forward! Good luck with her :)

  9. Gorgeous pictures! Lucy is looking really, really good. (So is Lauren, but this isn't her blog, really. )

  10. Thanks Kate! Will keep Riva on the SmartMare & hope to see results soon.

    My daughter and I have a plan for her to ride Riva to work thru the issues, daughter on first, then me - my daughter being the more experienced, younger version of me! Will definitely try the stick on the head for the rearing.

  11. Great pictures! Lucy looks like she's having a blast :)


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