Tuesday, August 23, 2011

switching it up

I have been a bit absent this past week. It was an extremely difficult week for me personally. My friends horse being put down was a very sad thing that happened amongst many other sad things. I didn't ride at all last week with the exception of Sunday.

On Sunday I got the opportunity to have a lesson at a near-by dressage facility called Woodwind Farm. Lauren was also having a lesson. We had bought the lessons on Groupon for a killer deal and Lauren had arranged to use hers on Sunday. I went to watch her lesson and then it became apparent that they had time to do mine also on that day, so Kenny and I drove to the barn, hooked up the trailer, loaded Lucy, and drove back up to this other farm. Crazy? yes. What I really needed after the week I had? yes.

The lesson went very well. I was most proud of Lucy because she had only been ridden twice all week (by Lauren) and yet she got off the trailer, stood on the cross-ties to get tacked up, and was a well behaved lady for the whole lesson at a strange barn. However, when I tried to cross-tie her in the wash stall area, she flipped out, broke through the cross-ties, and ran up to the barn. Then, she refused to get back on the trailer. So it seems our trailer woes are nowhere near "fixed" and I guess we'll have to go back to square one for that. After some brief lunge line work, I did get her on, but it was embarrassing nonetheless.

Anyway, here are some photos:

this is how she was straight off the trailer...not bad.

The majority of my lesson focused on reforming my horrible and stubborn
hunter perch. Even after 45 minutes, I couldn't make myself sit up.

Lauren riding Dan, or Fabio as I thought he should be named ;)


  1. Eeek! A Halfie!! Glad your lesson went well. :)

  2. Glad Lucy was good for the first half of the day. Sounds like a delayed reaction - she almost missed her opportunity to be horrified at the change of location. She looks nice.

  3. She is soooo pretty! Do you mind if I draw the picture of her face? its stunning, and I'd love to turn that into a piece of art (Well, I mean it already is a photo, but you know what I mean, hopefully)

  4. I'm glad Lucy was good for at least some of the time. She is such a pretty girl! Oh, and I love Dan's forelock. Mostly because Scarface has literally 10 hairs in his forelock. My nieces kept asking me why he had no forelock, when this year he is doing well (one summer he actually had NO hair in his forelock).

  5. The photos are beautiful, and Lucy looks like she's really gained a lot of muscle.
    Terry at Moondance

  6. Glad you had a good Sunday after a long week. Horses are great for that pick me up.

  7. Thanks guys. She was also hesitant getting on the trailer to leave our barn, so issues are clearly still brewing in her little brain regarding the trailer. I was really bummed.

    Checkmark sure, have at it! I might draw it at some point too :)

    Dan's forelock was epic, it really was. He had a big presence.

  8. Great photos. Sorry about your BO's loss..that is really sad and awful. It makes us appreciate our living babies.
    That Haffie is too cute and what a cute little mover. Lucy is always supermodel gorg!

  9. The haffie is sooooooooo cute! OMG.


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