Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Irene brought it, big time!

WOW, I have been off the grid for almost three days!

Irene has come and gone and in her wake, over 300,000 homes were without power. My house was one of them. We lost power very early Sunday morning and just got it back at around 9pm tonight (Tuesday). Kenny and I actually played card games multiple times over the last three days, and cooked dinner one night over a fire in the back yard!

On Sunday, when the hurricane actually hit, I was able to make it to the barn twice to check on Lu and make sure she had everything she needed. She ate almost an entire bale of hay in that one day, but what she really wanted was to go out. Apparently she really has started to enjoy turnout and she was clearly unhappy at being cooped up in her stall for the day. I tried to explain to her that 6o+ mph wind gusts weren't that cool, but she didn't want to hear it.

To make it up to her, we tried out some barrel racing in the indoor (which held up without any issues!):

Kenny tried it out first.

Then I tried! She was awesome!

The tight turns were something new for her but she got the hang of it quickly
and for being almost 17 hands tall, she did really well!
Getting sassy ;)

My cow pony.
Keep in mind there was a hurricane going on outside.
Oh yeah, she's crazy.

Other than being off the grid for what seemed like a century, things went without a hitch. The horses that were evacuated to our barn were able to return to their barn the day after the storm. No horses got loose and no trees fell on our barn. The barn didn't even lose power!


  1. Looks like fun :) I love doing "barrel racing" for fun.

  2. Hurricanes with horses can be REALLY scary. Glad there was no damage and Lu's only complaint was not getting to go out!! I guess a post about my hurricane experience back in 2004 is in order lol.

  3. I swear is there anything this horse won't do?!! Yeee Hawww! It looks to me like she was having a pretty good time. Good for you for getting her out of her stall and tearing it up for a while, I'm sure it helped with the boredom. I'm glad you're back on "the grid" it sounds like quite an adventure? One I hope I never have to experience though.

  4. Haha Mary I haven't found anything yet! She certainly wouldn't win a western pleasure class but she was surprisingly agile around the barrels.


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