Thursday, August 4, 2011

the week so far

Lu got Monday off to bask in the glory of her show success, and then on Tuesday morning she got new shoes. I think it's a miracle that left front didn't fall off before my farrier could make it out, but I am glad it held on, because losing a shoe is very traumatic for the hoof itself, especially when it's in such crappy condition like that particular foot is. He was able to trim a lot of the damaged stuff away because while the foot was crumbling at the edges, she had a good amount of growth even just in the four weeks since her last shoeing. Normally I wait 6 weeks between appointments in the summer, as as many as ten weeks in the winter, but this is the first shoeing cycle where she's been on grass and apparently that makes the feet grow very quickly.

I also asked my farrier if that left front was a club foot. He said no, because a club foot has to be greater than 60 degrees and her feet are very "normal", at about 45 degrees. So it seems that her left front just doesn't want to play nice like all the other feet.

My BM gave me a bottle of Tuff Stuff, which she said works like magic to harden feet up and make them more resilient. I guess we'll see if it helps! I am game to try anything.

On Tuesday evening, I had an incredible ride in the outdoor. We warmed up at the walk and trot normally, and then when I picked up the canter I let her stretch out a bit at a hand gallop. After cruising around the ring a few times, I asked her to come back to me and we did some lovely canter work in both directions. She was going so nicely!! I had set up a crossrail down the long side so we hopped over that at the trot about four times, and then I picked up the canter. Normally she gets a bit of rocket-syndrome when cantering over a jump and I get nervous and clingy, and that's when everything falls apart. On Tuesday, I gave her several firm half halts right as she was "locking and loading" and then supported her, but didn't cling. She was absolutely perfect and even waited for me to tell her to jump instead of try to take a flying leap from two strides out. I was so, so pleased with her. What a good mare.

Lauren had a great ride yesterday and then she's riding again today, and then on Friday I think I'm going to put my big girl pants on and attempt a trail ride. On Saturday a good friend is visiting and since she's such a lovely rider, she's going to hop on Lucy. The last time she came to ride was in October of last year, and Lucy has changed so much since then. I am excited to hear what she thinks!


  1. Sounds like a great ride! I think it's a great feeling when you are galloping and you ask your horse to come back to you and they listen to you perfectly!

  2. Hooray Lucy!! I love when things go this well.

  3. That sounds like a great ride, good for you!


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