Monday, August 15, 2011

saddle pad progress

I hope I'm not annoying everyone with the saddle pad posts, but I have been enjoying painting them so much! I painted these over the past three days:

My camera had a hard time getting the colours in this pad correct, but it is
a light periwinkle blue pad with turquoise and silver metallic paint.

I am thrilled with the way this one came out. It is truly a piece of art. The
photos don't even do it justice.

And of course, Helper Dog assisting me:

When is it my turn?
Well now I'm not sure...I'm feeling a little camera shy.

Do you like my ears?


  1. The saddle pads are beautiful! And Helper Dog is adorable.
    Terry at Moondance

  2. I love your saddle pad posts. I was hoping you would make a page with all the pics.

  3. Those are beautiful! You are one talented lady!

  4. Kate, You said you would do custom ones, right? I'm looking to buy a new english pad, and would love one of your designs!

  5. They're so pretty.... I WANT THEM ALL!

  6. I <3 helping hounds. So cuddly.

    Sigh. When I have money again, I will be buying a pad. Maybe this winter?

  7. Barbara, I actually opened an Etsy account the other day that I will be posting all of the available ones to. Here it is:

    Mare, yes depending on what you want on it. Some things are just too intricate to paint on the quilted fabric, but I tested myself with these recent designs because they were pretty detail-oriented and I think they came out really well. But send me an email with what kind of a design you have in mind and we'll go from there! :)


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