Saturday, August 27, 2011


I continued working with Lucy over fences last night. She wasn't getting it as easily as she did the first time, but she tried her little heart out and I really appreciated the effort she put into it.

We started by warming up over a crossrail, and then built up the vertical slowly until we were back at the 2'11" mark. We finished by putting the vertical down to about 2'6" and adding the crossrail in front to make a baby oxer. She was great!

Some of the photos made me laugh when I reviewed them because she clearly is still having some baby bloopers. She is very willing and game to try everything, but occasionally has greenie moments with legs flying in every different direction. I believe in guiding a greenie the best I can but also staying out of the horses way and letting them figure things out on their own a bit. She improved more and more as the ride went on and her confidence was great.

This is one of those greenie moments I mentioned above.
Another greenie moment.
Aaaand another. I mean, really, how did she manage that?
That's better!

Pole down! These are homemade standards and they don't even have jump
cups on them, just little rests for the pole, so all it takes is the slightest tap
for the pole to come down. I think I also got a little bit left behind here...

Now we're talking! This was with the "oxer" crossrail in front.


  1. I keep forgetting how young she is. I would say she is doing terrific! The fourth picture is hilarious, I wonder how she managed that? Either way, she's just the prettiest horse, I love the action shots, applause to the photographer!

  2. Adorable! It is like watching a baby take its first steps.

  3. I love her greenie moments, too cute. Jetta does the same thing so you are not alone, lol. Looks like Lucy's doing fantastic!

  4. These are hilarious! I love that you are getting these learning experiences on will be great to look back on in a few years!

  5. Looks like she's just figuring out her placement and getting it towards the end of each session. Very promising, I'm sure you are SO proud of her try.


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