Wednesday, July 20, 2011

my ride yesterday

Yesterday I decided to try walk/canter departs with Lucy. Last time we tried that was during a lesson. The horse was so offended that she kicked out and managed to kick the fence around the ring, and then she was pissy for the rest of the ride. Last night she was much more willing to work with me and I was so proud of her. She has been impressing me each and every time I work with her. It's like her brain finally caught up to her body ;)

Here's a video from last night:

You can see she gets a bit worked up and starts anticipating, but before the second transition I give her a quick pat on the neck and she relaxed visibly. I really like that about her. She is a good horse :)


  1. Are you still using the kimberwicke? I just got one for Poppy to try...she was a bit heavy in the last pelham we tried as well. I think I got the same kimberwick that you did for Lucy. So far we are loving it!

    Ella gets so bothered with her walk to canter transitions too. She wants to get it so bad but just can't seem to get herself there.

    I may have some more blog work for you! I've been meaning to email you about it! My friend wants a new blog design. She is a new blogger and wants something other than just the general stuff that is so hard for regulars to figure out LOL

  2. Yup! Still using the KW, still loving it! We are starting to find the "Sweet spot" with that bit. I still hope to switch back to the snaffle eventually but I am glad this is making her wait a bit with her front end, and lighten up in the bridle.

    A walk/canter transition requires so much strength from the hind end, as they really can't pull themselves into it; it all comes from behind if done right. I wish we had good hills around us because hill work is awesome for building up the hindquarters. Again, it's much harder for them to pull themselves up a hill with their front end so they are forced to push themselves up with their hind end. It's a great workout. Alas, I live in a pretty flat area :(

    Yay, more blog work would be awesome!

  3. It took my boy a while to get the walk-canter transition. It really does require strength in the booty! And balance, too. But they do come around and I really feel that this transition is vital to getting good flying changes later on.

  4. The last transition was great, I could tell she was anticipating and it's great that you don't ask her in the same spot, I have seen so many novices do that, and your not sure if it was the cue that the horse "heard" or just the spot the horse knew. Good Girl Lucy! It is kinda cute when she gets pissy though. (sorry)

  5. Awesome! You guys are making great progress!

  6. Mary, that's a good point. Lucy is way too clever sometimes and she will anticipate transitions/circles/and other requests if I keep asking for them in the same spot. For a while I was doing exactly two laps of trot before cantering, and before I knew it she was cantering off in that exact spot during our rides. It took me a few rides to figure out what was happening (that shows how easy it is to become a passenger) but after that I started switching it up a lot.


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