Thursday, July 21, 2011

photoshoot outtakes!

I still haven't gotten the green light to post the pro photos from our photoshoot over the weekend, but here are some photos that Lucy's leaser Lauren and her boyfriend Dan took (THANKS GUYS!):

Lauren putting the finishing touches on Lucy. Lucy looks
not too thrilled ;) but she put up with it well!

Aww what a pretty girl!

To start, we went into one of the bigger grass paddocks
for the riding photos.

I know, I'm nuts!

Thrilled with Lucy!

This photo makes me smile because the photographer is standing next to
Lauren taking the photos, and Lauren is doing her very best to get Lucy
to prick her ears and look interested. Lauren was armed with a big bag of
hard candies and she put them to good use! She and Dan, and my other
friend Cassie were all excellent helpers and I know it wouldn't have been
as successful without them there!

Next we went to this huge gorgeous field. This was the one I thought was
tall grass, but it was actually all spiky vines and twigs. Ouch!


Awww, she loves me!

I will post the pro photos as soon as I have permission to -- they came out beautifully!!!


  1. Love them! Especially the 2nd to last in the dress.

  2. That last picture with the sun setting behind you is gorgeous!

  3. LOVE the last two. You guys are gorgeous and ridiculously photogenic.

  4. Love your dress! You two make a stunning pair. Both so pretty! Can't wait to see the pro pics.

  5. That dress is gorgeous. Glad Lucy was good.

  6. What beautiful pictures! Both of you look lovely! I can't wait to see the professional pictures.

  7. Love them! That last one is gorgeous!
    Terry at Moondance

  8. Wow, gorgeous!

    The lighting in some of those pictures are perfect. Well worth walking around in thorns huh?

    I LOVE that picture of her by the red barn, she looks adorable.


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